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We carry primarily food based products since nearly all the
positive health claims made for vitamins and supplements
are based on diet research done with foods.
Food based and organic supplements are absorbed 75-99%
while the cheap, synthetic/inorganic items
filling the stores and the web are absorbed only 5-35%.
Absorption is the key to great results!
There are many specialty items here, but check out the
Vitamins and Minerals category too.

Barbara is a Holistic Wellness Coach with whom you may consult
regarding your body/mind/spirit issues.

Browse and Enjoy!

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BodyMind Balance:
The Journey of a Lifetime
Is taking good care of yourself easy? No! Taking responsibility for your current and future health is quite a challenge but we offer guidance and support to ease your journey. You can create a lean, strong body - no matter when you start - as well as a healthier mind and spirit through the education, products, and services we offer.

We have carefully chosen these products after 30 years of research and testing and look forward to helping you reach levels of health you have, so far, only imagined. Please browse our A-Z catalog or Categories and if you like, you may also schedule a consultation for a personal assessment, holistic wellness plan, and lifestyle coaching. We offer 15 minute consults for free.

Whether you are dealing with an illness such as Candida, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, CFS, obesity, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis or you are suffering from generalized Low Energy, you will find supportive, pure products to assist your journey to wellness. Please bookmark us and return regularly to check out the new products!

"Overwhelmingly, as evidenced by thousands of patients in my clinic, the main culprits behind weight gain are grains and sweets which lead to insulin resistance."
Dr. Joseph Mercola

"This addiciton to grains and sugars is driven, in large part, by an overgrowth of yeast in the body...Candida...which can be tamed by syclovir now called Yeast Control
Jim Haszinger, Scientist

February 17, 2011
Diabetes Linked to Magnesium Lack
Reprinted with permission from Vital Source Seafood
Deficiency of the often-overlooked mineral is associated with increased risk and severity of the disease
by Craig Weatherby

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